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Rendezvous -dairy dock

Dairy dock used to be the meeting point for all people in the village.

Milk cans were taken to the dock and picked up by the dairy lorry. At the dock was a mail box and the postman brought to it all mail coming to the village. Newspapers and other mail items were tied together with string and the first person coming to the mailbox opened the roll and sorted the mail. 

Also the shop van stopped at the dairy dock. Most people went to wait for the shop van in good time, so they had plenty of time to hear the latest gossip and news of the world. The dairy dock was a place to ”improve the world”.

Young people knew that if you went to hang around at the dairy dock, there would soon enough be other young people. The dairy dock was a rendezvous.

At the dairy dock you could have information about musicians and other performers coming to village dances. People of the village could also bring their own announcements and attach them on the dairy dock.

Isoäidin aikaan has updated the dairy dock of old times. The dairy dock ”Maitolaituri” can be found in Facebook.


At the dairy dock you can meet friends of the shop, discuss with them, gossip on new products, give your comments on products, admire or detest. Everything is allowed. However, I hope your comments are not insulting to anyone.

I would love to discuss with you old times, memories of childhood, granny´s lovely food recipes, war time, products of the shop and of everything somewhat related to granny´s times. Do you still remember old games, rhymes, songs or sayings? You can also send your old photos and tell the rest of us why just these photos are so dear to you. 

At the dairy dock you get first hand information of coming new products and other important things of the shop. 

See you at dairy dock!

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