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Community care

Loving one´s neighbour is important. Together we can help.

In old times people cared about each other. Generations lived together and helped one another. The village community was a supporter and maker of rules. Neighbour kids were watched as if they were own. Old people were visited and helped. Loving one´s neighbour was natural.

We can do community care even today.

Have you got acquainted with your neighbour and asked how he/she is? Is there an old person living close to you who might need help with carrying shopping bags? Can you spare a moment to talk to your elderly neighbour?

When did you last go to see your own parents or grandparents? Have you made friends with your own grandchildren? Taken them to your home and spent time with them?

Have you seen a child being bullied and interfered in the situation? Have you seen a neighbour´s girl hanging around in unwanted company and told about it to her parents?

It is easy to walk away from these situations pretending not having noticed.

A brave person is the one who gives a hand to the weaker one –CARES FOR HIS FELLOW-MAN.

Matt: 7:12  ” Do for others what you want them to do for you.”

These links that I put on the website have touched me personally with their cry for help.

Even one person can have an effect and achieve great things when acting sincerely and whole-heartedly.

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